A house of exception in Montcuq










Touring around the house

Just a little sign indicates the entrance door of the remarkable three arched Façade.

As soon as we come in, we are wrapped into a scent of delicate fig leaf.


The entrance hall smoothed cemented floor lays beneath a bare natural stone wall in a surprising contrast a beautiful spiral stone stair case leads to a charming patio where in he shade of olive trees, Claude cultivates in a small kitchen garden, all kinds of aromatic plants.


The heart of the House, The living and dining Room are supervised by the magnificent late medieval and early Renaissance Fireplace in front of which breakfast and diners are being served, on a large contemporary ebony coloured wooden table.


In cold weather, in winter, it is a perfect place, next to a crackle fire, to be sitting comfortably on the feathery sofa, to taste small producer’s local wine or to sip a hot Herbal tea.


Linen has been selectionned with utmost care. Sheets of the soft and comfortable beds are skilfully creased and of different colours of sand and different shades Of Grey as well as Stacks of Delicately scented and soft towels.

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Patrick Sordoillet • Jérôme Morel
Emilie Dubrul
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